Sep    B3 Paradigm, Musical Collaboration with ‘3 People’ Taiwan, Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival
           Meeting a masterpiece of the future: Modernized Korean traditional Music, Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival
July   Starlight Consolation, Okarina Int’l Music Festival, Slovenia
May   Celebration Concert of DUO BUD’s first album release, Seoul
          Starlight Consolation, DUO BUD’s First Album released, Seoul


Nov   DUO BUD World Tour, ‘Starlight Consolation’, Monterrey, Mexico / Chicago, USA
Oct    Starlight Consolation, Ritmo Festival, Budapest, Hungary
Aug   Starlight Consolation, The 27th Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan
Mar   Starlight Consolation, Showcase Babel Med Music, Marseille, France


Sep   Recipient of KB Sori Prize (First Place) of 2015 Sori Frontier Competition,  Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival, Korea
Aug   Starlight Consolation, Chuncheon Arts Festival, Korea







jihye LIM

Founder of DUO BUD
Collaborated as a Gayageum player at the special concert of Seoul Wind Ensemble
Grand prize for the general instrument category at the

35th Nan-Gye Korean Traditional Music Festival


sora KIM

Completed Jeongup Nongak, Jeollabuk-do Province intangible cultural treasure No. 7-2
Founder and Director of Norikkot (Women’s Traditional Arts Troupe)
Founder and Director of Sora Kim Jang-gu Project
Art Director of Pungmul, Pungmul groupof Yokohama, Japan



music director


miji YANG

Founder of DUO BUD
Lecturer of the Graduate Course, Chung-Ang University
Director of Creative Music Association SinAk
Grand Prize for the Chamber Music at the Gangwon Composition Competition 

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