Director│ NEULBUD HA
Project Director│ CASEY(HEEKYUNG) AHN
Music Director │ MIJI YANG

Jang-gu Player│ SORA KIM
Gayageum Player │JIHYE LIM

Photographer │KWANGCHAN SONG​

<Starlight Consolation> emphasizes the tolerance of Korean traditional music encompassing various generations, cultures and genres, and pays attention to its philosophical boldness dealing with all matters of the universe as human adapting himself to nature. The music reinterprets moon, star, and universe, the main motives of Korean traditional music, with musicians’ own young perspectives and expresses them with the explosive energy of percussion, and the delicate melody of string to deliver catharsis and comfort to audiences across the world. Through it, we aim at expressing our dreams of harmony and the beauty of rapport and paradoxical sorrow using the sounds of nature; how painters try to portray the beauty of nature with each stroke of their brush, we strive to express nature’s beauty seen as ubiquitous to the common eye, in our sense, to the common ear. 

Established in 2015,

DUO BUD has conducted various musical collaborations led by the Jang-gu,

a traditional Korean drum alongside the Gayageum, traditional Korean zither to present experimental and independent spirit with perspectives of the youth and the contemporary. Mysterious, profound, and pure, through the music of DUO BUD, every performance brings Spring back around germinating a new bud, each bud growing into a different flower beyond limits.

< Starlight Consolation >