Director│ NEULBUD HA
Project Director│ CASEY(HEEKYUNG) AHN

Jang-gu Player│ SORA KIM
Gayageum Player │JIHYE LIM

3rd Digital Single < Cloud >  

1st Digital Single < Light >  

2nd Digital Single < Dark Silence >  

1st Album < Starlight Consolation >  

Comprised of the 2018 WOMEX Official Show case selected percussionist, Sora Kim and Jihye Lim, a string player well recognized for her sensible and lyrical music, DUO BUD reinterprets nature and the universe, the main motives of Korean folk, with the explosive energy of percussion and the delicate melody of string expanding the potential of instruments and the genre of tradition to deliver music of comfort and healing to audiences. Their music communicates with the contemporary as it eliminates the boundaries lying in the traditional music structure and instrument while preserving the intrinsic elements of Korean folk at the same time.